A letter to G-Technology

April 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
I wrote an email to G-Technology a few weeks back, and haven't received a reply or acknowledgement yet. Now that might quite possible be my own fault, as I sent it to a person who I met a few years back, and I have no clue whether that person is still working there.
If anyone knows someone at G-Technology that you can forward the the link of this blog to, or if you can use your social media influence to get some response going, I (and I'm sure a lot of other people in town here) would be most grateful. Please........!!!!

So here's the mail I sent through to G-Technology. I've deleted the names of people and some brands mentioned.

I'm not sure if you're the correct person to be receiving this mail, but you're the only person I knew on the contact page, so please feel free to forward this mail on to the correct person.
I'm quite sure you won't remember me, but I had the privilege of meeting you, XXXX and XXXX (I think he's moved on) at the PPE in NYC a few years back (I was the South African with the weird accent). I had just bought a lot of XXXX drives, and after meeting with you three, and fortunately succumbing to the sales pitch (I had never heard of G-Technology before), went back to the retailer I had bought the XXXX drives from, and switched them out for G-Tech drives. And I've seriously never been happier since I made that choice. The G-Tech product, after-sales service and customer support is second to none. I've since thrown all my other brands of drives away and am now only using G-technology products.
However, every time I buy a new G-Tech product, I have to import it from somewhere else. Apart from a very small number of people I've spoken to, no-one in Dubai and in this region is aware of the G-Technology brand or the G-Tech products. If you walk into stores here in Dubai looking for a storage device, you can find every other brand available except for G-Technology. (If you already have distributors or resellers here, they're not doing a very good job)
As a freelance photographer who knows about, and uses G-Technology storage, I would be ecstatic to see G-Technology make a move into the region. I know what quality products you sell, and I think that this region is sorely in need of your brand and products.
Every year in Dubai, GulfPhotoPlus hosts a week of photography classes, seminars and the like with renowned international and sometimes regional photographers as the instructors. Think of something like the Maine Media workshops on steroids. You can see the line-up of instructors and events here. It would be the perfect opportunity ;)
This year, Capture Integration/Phase One, Tether Tools and Cambo made their debut in Dubai and were introduced at GPP. Yes, companies that have had a worldwide presence for years now have only just been introduced to the market in Dubai - that's how new (or behind the curve, depending on how you see it) the market is here, and it's ripe for the picking.
I would love to see your product and brand represented here in Dubai. Whether you've looked into the market here already for distributors/resellers, or how you would go about it if you were interested, I have no idea. That's way above my pay grade...but please, if you have the opportunity, make a go of it. We desperately need the G-Technology brand and products here!!



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