Full Headshot Session Price - AED 1800

  • a phone or email consultation prior to the session if required
  • the headshot photographic session (2 1/2-4hours and 2-4 looks)
  • basic editing of all the selected the images (color/tone/contrast)
  • getting your images online for you to view on your own personal proofing gallery
NOTE: You are able to download ALL your images from the proofing site if you so desire.
  • Retouching of your favourite three (3) images by ColorWorksNYC
  • An 8x10 size print of your top choice of headshot.

Mini Headshot Session Price - AED 750

If you are only looking for one headshot, or don't have the time for a full session, I do offer a mini-headshot session.


• a phone or email consultation prior to the session if required
  • the headshot photographic session (1 -1 1/2 hours and 1 look)
  • basic editing of all the selected the images (color/tone/contrast)
  • getting your images online for you to view on your own personal proofing gallery
NOTE: You are able to download ALL your images from the proofing site if you so desire.
  • Retouching of your one (1) favourite image by ColorWorksNYC

Please note that these prices are for individual private clients only. For group headshots or corporate headshot clients, rates will be subject to quotation by the photographer.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please ensure that you have read and familiarized yourself with the T&C as well as the non-commercial use license, all of which may be found here

The session
A typical headshot session will last between 2 /12 - 4 hours.  

The session will include 2-4 different “looks”, which we achieve by changing wardrobes, hair, and by expression and expression coaching.
I will most likely end up shooting between 300-500 images, of which there will be 40-75 final images, of you during the session. I tether the camera onto my computer so we can instantly view the images during the session.  This allows us to both to determine which way to go as far as the outfit, hair, background, facial expressions, etc, are concerned.
Doing this, and having interaction from both sides, makes the shoot a lot less daunting, giving you the confidence and freedom to have fun and be more spontaneous, capturing your true personality and expressions.
Then between wardrobe changes, you and I will go through all those shots and decide on the images we want to keep and those we don’t. I will delete shots that will not show you at your best. You are not going to leave here with an image that has you having a blank look, or that “deer caught in the headlights” look. You are also not going to get 500 images of yourself that range from good to useless. We will only keep the images of you that are worthy of you. Images with expression, images that exude confidence and approachability. Quality is always better than quantity, especially with headshots. Quality branding.
You will know exactly what images you have to work with when you walk out of the studio, because we would have looked at and approved each image together.

However - I have no control over how other people like your agents, marketing people, family, friends, etc will like your images. Opinions differ.
Therefore, if you have any reason to doubt the marketability of any “look” during your session, and you would like to add another “look” or two, I charge AED 300 per hour of shooting. This offer is only available within 30 days of your original session.  

By the end of the day of your headshot session, I will email you a password for your proofing gallery in which of all of your images from your headshot session can be accessed at PhotoProofPro. You will be able to see all of your images as well as be able to vote for your favorite images and leave comments, as well as publish them to your Facebook, Twitter accounts by clicking on the embedded buttons.  You will also be able to give this password to your agents, publicist, friends, family, etc, and they can do the same for you. It certainly helps in having different opinions when choosing images.


You should bring at least 3-5 different tops to wear.  Bring what you feel comfortable wearing.  If you think the item would look good for a certain look, but you hate it, please don’t bring it. You have to feel comfortable wearing it. If not, it will show in the photos.  Bring different types of tops, varying from tanks to sleeves.  For women, please bring a variety - spaghetti straps, tanks, crew necks, sleeveless, etc. Dresses also work well, so bring your favourite dress, whether it is something summery or more formal.
Bring different colors – blue, green, red, yellow, etc. And PLEASE bring a variety of white, and black. Very, very important .
The same goes for the men, but leave your dresses at home.
For everyone, try and stay away from bold prints or patterns or anything exceptionally gaudy. Hawaiian shirts usually don’t work…..
Layers work well, so bring sweaters, hoodies, jackets, ties for the men….depending on what type of shot you’re looking for for yourself, we’ll discuss that once you get here.
Please refrain from wearing excessive jewelry! We don’t want anything that detracts from people seeing YOU.

Hair and make-up

I highly suggest that hair and make-up for women is done before the shoot. I do not have a hair or make-up artist on hand (I am able to hire a MUA for an extra fee), but if you know someone who does hair and make-up, and you want to bring them along to do touch-ups while we are busy with the session, please feel free to do so. They can assist in tending to the “fly away” hair or by making adjustments to your hair while I am behind camera.
Guys, it’s usually not too much of a problem, but if you have someone in mind as well, then feel free to do so.

Women should come with hair and make-up done beforehand - camera ready. You may do some minor changes to your hair, whether it’s just a variation of the style you came with, or putting it up into a ponytail if your hair is long enough. As regards to make-up, have it done as naturally as possible, no gaudy colours or something that makes you look like a geisha! We’re here to photograph you, not your make-up. Depending on your skin type, and if you need it, wear a foundation that won’t shine, but at the same time refreshes your skin. Bring along your make-up bag to do touch-ups if required.
Guys, if you have stubble, bring it along, with your face, so we can do some looks like that. Then we’ll do some looks with you clean-shaven, so don’t forget your shaving gear.
Get those nostril and ear hairs sorted out beforehand if you have them!
For everyone, don’t forget to have your eyebrows sorted out beforehand, natural, not sculpted, unless that’s the way you do it normally!

The Proofing Process

Online proofs will be available within 24 hours on your proofing gallery at PhotoProofPro. This is your personal gallery that only you and those you choose to share it with have access to. I will email you a link to the gallery with your embedded password.
You then have the opportunity to vote for your favorite images, leave comments on images, share to your social media if you wish to do so. I will also help you in selecting your three best images by voting on them if you wish me to do so. I will demonstrate the entire process to you before you leave following your session.

As part of the package (this refers to the full session, please refer to the mini session differences if chosen), your three favorite images will be professionally retouched by New York based ColorWorksNYC, the remainder of the images will only have light post-processing applied to them (Color, contrast, sharpening).
These images will be given to you by electronic download. Two crop formats will be included for each image, each web ready.

If you require any more than three images to be retouched, there is a fee of AED180 per image. This is the ColorWorksNYC retouching fee.
You also get one printed image as part of the package, 8x10 size. I do my printing in-house for my customers, if you require more prints then there will be a charge per print, price depends on what size and quality of paper you require.